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Students Excel With S.T.E.M.

Mrs. Richman’s first and second-grade students in S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math) class at Joshua Christian Academy learned about engineering and our solar system with the help of two students from Iowa State University’s W.I.S.E (Women in Science and Engineering) Program!

The ISU students, Madison and JoJo, spoke to our students about why scientists and engineers use “models” to help understand or explain an issue or an idea.

After discussing the planets, students were asked to make an edible “model” of our solar system.

Each student was given a paper plate, a craft stick, and plenty of frosting. The frosting was to hold the sun and the planets down to the paper plate model- just like glue would- but a WHOLE LOT TASTIER! Different candies made good representations of each planet. For instance, when it was time for Mars to be placed on the model, each student was given a red M&M to emulate the “red planet.”

When it was time for larger planets found further away from the Sun, students placed the candies representing those planets away from the center of their plate. The Sun was positioned with vanilla frosting in the center of each student’s plate.

This was such a fun, educational, inspirational, and meaningful lesson.

We are very thankful to the ISU WISE ROLE MODEL PROGRAM and to both of the college students for helping us with this wonderful and well-prepared lesson. Thank you!!!