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Students at JCA south in Des Moines enjoying learning inside and outside of the classroom

Under the leadership of our principal, Dr. Benjamin Anum H., our JCA South students have access to many different types of learning opportunities

Visitors from the Blank Park Zoo crept in to visit our elementary students. They enjoyed a hands-on experience with various animals and observed visual demonstrations of creature habits.

The Nutrition Lady visited the elementary and talked about the fruit, vegetables, and protein needed to maintain our physical and spiritual health.

A very-well behaved group of 12th-grade students recently visited Iowa State University. We visited the zebrafish lab, herbarium, and creamery. After a bus tour of the university, an admission specialist spoke about ISU’s admission process and their campus programs. Free ice cream was a great ending to an informative trip!

The students recently enjoyed visiting the Civic Center to see Sons of Mystro. The group is two brothers born in South Florida to a Jamaican father and Barbadian mother who earned to play the violin through South Florida’s public school system and attended Dillard High School for the Performing Arts. Following the performance, the students made a trip to the Capitol. See images below of all our field trips.