The Goal of our Staff:

to help bring hope, inspiration, and encouragement to Urban Des Moines. We believe that to do so we must commit to fight the battle where the battle is waged, meaning we must have a successful neighborhood school within the urban community.

  • Students who attend Joshua Christian Academy will be able to read at grade level at the end of their second year.
  • Students will receive a biblically-integrated academic curriculum.
  • Parents will participate in a no-excuses parental involvement policy for parent/teacher conferences, volunteer hours, and school events.

These initial goals are patterned after the proven results from similar urban Christian schools in the Midwest. Joshua Christian Academy is drawing on the expertise of the personnel from both Hope Academy in Minneapolis and the Potter’s House in Grand Rapids.

Teaching from the Bible:

The disintegration of a biblical worldview has doomed many children to a lifetime of failure. At Joshua Christian Academy, we believe the chief goal and purpose of all things–including education–is to love God and love our neighbor. True education is literally impossible without such a transcendent goal and purpose. The Bible teaches us that all knowledge comes from God, and therefore, all knowledge has unity. At JCA, we will teach all subjects as part of an integrated whole, with the Scriptures at the center. Students are equipped to know and love the truth and to utilize that knowledge to glorify God in all things.

Offering a more comprehensive approach to the “three R’s” of education:


  • The Academic Three R’s – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic,
  • The Spiritual Three R’s – repentance, regeneration, and reconciliation,
  • And the Social Three R’s – respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness.