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JCA social studies and science teacher celebrates 50 years of teaching

We celebrate Alice Boyd, our Social Studies and Science teacher at JCA. Mrs. Boyd has taught school for over 50 years and passionately continues to teach!

Mrs. Boyd always had the desire to teach in a Christian school. She began her career in Des Moines Public Schools, teaching first grade at Cattell Elementary. After working for DMPS for 38 years, she retired thinking she was finished with her career teaching. However, God had different plans. Praise God!

Her friend, Rev. Keith Ratliff, called to invite her to join the staff of a new school called Joshua Christian Academy. “This was a new school that Rev. Ratliff, Chris Hurley, and Sheryl Van Weelden were integral in opening,” said Mrs. Boyd.

She said yes, and when JCA opened in the fall of 2009, nine students were enrolled! She taught her students at the very back of a classroom!

Mrs. Boyd has two distinct passions (besides worshiping God); teaching and traveling. She remembers that as a fourth-grade student, her teacher, Mrs. Warden, told the class that Egypt was a REAL place that you could absolutely visit. Mrs. Boyd has now been to Egypt twice and loves to travel! God has blessed her with the opportunity to visit over 50 cities on five continents, not including North America.

Mrs. Boyd uses her travel memories and collected artifacts to help accentuate her teaching and give her students some hands-on learning while increasing their interest and motivation.

“I am so grateful to God that He has allocated me to be at JCA from the very beginning. I saw someone wearing a t-shirt once with the words, ‘Teachers don’t teach for income. They teach for OUTCOME!’ Thanks be to God!”