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History and Mission

Our Mission


To build a Christ-centered academic foundation within the hearts and minds of urban children, equipping them and their families to serve God and others to their fullest potential through outstanding biblical education.

Our Vision

Believing that all children are created and endowed by God with extraordinary potential to become outstanding Kingdom citizens, the Joshua Christian Academy covenants with the families and churches of urban Des Moines to provide an excellent, affordable Christian education. We believe that economically disadvantaged children can perform at the highest level, and we will set high expectations for students and their families. With God’s help, students will become family and community leaders, working for justice, economic opportunity, and racial harmony, unifying the body of Christ in this city and throughout the world.

JCA was founded on the premise that a traditional rigorous curriculum is effective and can be taught to any student.

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:2, 15).

We believe that while self-esteem, individual rights, and freedom of speech are important, they should not overshadow personal responsibility, respect, character, and hard work. JCA not only expect students to learn, but also expects them to exemplify good conduct – thus creating an atmosphere conducive to learning. JCA places as much emphasis on behavior as learning. Students should be given every opportunity to achieve skills that are necessary for life, should their decision be to go into the military, workforce, or attend college. A key to learning those skills is good study habits. JCA is committed to working alongside parents to help them encourage their children’s study habits at home.


Joshua Christian Academy (JCA) began 14 years ago because a group of God-loving people saw a need for a better way to educate and show God’s love to the urban children of Des Moines. Our goal was to provide a faith-based education that was affordable for all children in the Des Moines Metro.

We started with just a few students in a few rooms at the Maple Street Baptist Church. As we added more students, God provided us with generous donors who helped purchase our first building at 1740 Garfield Avenue in Des Moines which is now JCA Main. JCA West was added at 2500 University in Des Moines. In 2022, we added JCA South at 1000 Wade Street.

Due to space, we serve different grades at each of our three buildings.


  • JCA Main – K-7
  • JCA West – K-4
  • JCA South – K-3 and 7 – 12

By God's Grace

In the last 14 years, we’ve gone from offering Kindergarten through 3rd Grade to now offering a complete Christian education through graduation. We now serve students all over metro Des Moines from three buildings.

How have we done it?

Through generous support, amazing volunteers, a dedicated staff, and, of course, God’s grace. We are proud to be doing God’s work right here in the Des Moines Metro and look forward to what the future holds.