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Please join us for our wonderful student program and as we honor:

Teachers and Staff with a 10-year Anniversary

Reverend Keith A. Ratliff Sr, JCA’s First Executive Director

Graduating Seniors




Dedicated Members

and Students

With Keynote Speaker Joseph Jackson

Come enjoy a special presentation by our new Head of Schools, Joseph Jackson, as he sets a vision for JCA’s future and reiterates our Gospel-centered foundation. Joseph Jackson is a native of Des Moines, Iowa. His life is characterized by a deep passion for several key facets: truth, his faith in Jesus, evangelism, and his unwavering commitment to family. Mr. Jackson’s faith in Jesus Christ serves as the cornerstone of his existence, guiding his every step and inspiring him to share his convictions with others through evangelism. Jesus is the foundation with which family and friendships stand on, driving him to create a warm and nurturing environment for those he holds dear. Mr. Jackson grew up in the same church JCA was born out of. His journey through life has been marked by a relentless pursuit of truth in all its forms.

You're Invited! Join us at our annual banquet and help us provide affordable, Christian education to Des Moines urban youth.

This banquet is our only fundraising event of the year. Over 85% of JCA’s operating budget comes from private donations - including the dollars raised from this annual banquet! If you would like to walk along side us as we provide an excellent, Christ-centered, and affordable education for Des Moines urban youth, we pray you will consider joining us as a banquet guest and/or sponsor.