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JCA Application

We must have successful neighborhood schools within the urban community

We Believe

  • All children are created by God and loved by God.
  • Each child is a unique being with God-given talent, ability, and potential.
  • A child’s ability/potential is not limited by race, social class, income, or geography.
  • Parents will participate in a no-excuses parental involvement for parent/teacher conferences, volunteer hours, and school events.
  • A child’s potential is only limited by the lack of opportunity, low expectations, and the lack of hope.

  • Students who attend Joshua Christian Academy will be able to read at grade level at the end of their second year.

  • Students will receive a biblically-integrated academic curriculum.

JCA Application Process

To enroll at Joshua Christian Academy, please download our Student Enrollment Packet below and follow the instructions on page 2.

Carefully follow the steps outlined in the application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office.