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Serving Des Moines K-12 Urban Children With An Affordable Christian Education

Training all students
to serve God and others.

At Joshua Christian Academy, we believe the chief goal and purpose of all things–including education–is to love God and love our neighbor. At JCA, we will teach all subjects as part of an integrated whole, with the Scriptures at the center. We invite you to join our family.

Affordable Christian Education

Our Mission

Build a Christ-centered academic foundation within the hearts and minds of urban children, equipping them and their families to serve God and others.

Christian Values

As believers in Jesus Christ, our emphasis is on academics but also on repentance, regeneration and reconciliation.

JCA Communities

We believe that parents, students and teachers work together for the positive development of our children.

Why Choose JCA?


Each member of our team is committed to bring hope, inspiration, and encouragement to the urban children and families of Des Moines.

Income-Based Tuition

We strive to ensure income in not be a barrier into a foundational christian education. Families pay tuition based on a sliding scale.

We are currently accepting enrollment applications for the 2023-2024 school year through August 18, 2023.

Diverse Community

We are proud to foster a community that celebrates the beauty of diversity. Grounded in the teachings of Christ we welcome students from all their unique backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.

JCA News

August 25, 2023

JCA Dream Team Rides RAGBRAI

During one of the hottest weeks of the summer, JCA students and their teacher, Ms. Liz Sweeney, rode their bikes 2000 miles across Iowa as part of the Des Moines…
August 25, 2023

Reverend Keith A. Ratliff, Sr. Announces Retirement

July 21, 2023 - Joshua Christian Academy today announced the retirement of its Executive Director, Reverend Keith A. Ratliff, Sr. After 14 years of dedicated service and unwavering commitment to the…
August 25, 2023

Students Excel With S.T.E.M.

Mrs. Richman’s first and second-grade students in S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and math) class at Joshua Christian Academy learned about engineering and our solar system with the help of two…