Rev. Keith Ratliff with a few children on opening day.




OUR MISSION: The Mission of Joshua Christian Academy is “To build a Christ-centered academic foundation within the hearts and minds of urban children, equipping them and their families to serve God and others to their fullest potential through outstanding biblical education.”

OUR VISION: “Believing that all children are created and endowed by God with extraordinary potential to become outstanding Kingdom citizens, the Joshua Christian Academy covenants with the families and churches of urban Des Moines to provide an excellent, affordable Christian education. We believe that economically disadvantaged children can perform at the highest level, and we will set high expectations for students and their families. With God’s help, students will become family and community leaders, working for justice, economic opportunity, and racial harmony, unifying the body of Christ in this city and throughout the world.”

THE NEED: According to statistics from the Des Moines Public School District:

  • Only 51.6% of African American 4th graders tested competent in math
  • Only 50.5% of Latino 4th graders tested competent in reading
  • Only 52% of African Americans who were served by the Des Moines school district as 9th graders four years earlier graduated in 2007.
  • “70% of black children are raised in a single parent family.” (State of Black Iowa Report)

OUR SOLUTION: Joshua Christian Academy (JCA) is founded on the premise that a traditional rigorous curriculum is effective and can be taught to any student. We believe that while self esteem, individual rights and freedom of speech are important, they should not overshadow personal responsibility, respect, character and hard work. Joshua Christian Academy will not only expect students to learn, they will expect good conduct – thus creating an atmosphere conducive to learning. JCA will place as much emphasis on behavior as learning. Students should be given every opportunity to achieve skills that are necessary in life, should their decision be military, work or college. A key to learning those skills is good study habits. JCA is committed to working alongside parents to help them encourage their children’s study habits at home.

We’d love to provide you with a tour of the school. If interested, please call Sheryl to schedule at 515-321-2403.

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TESTIMONIALS: Read more about the JCA experience from some of our families here.

Joshua Christian Academy 2018 from Paul Joy on Vimeo.